Dream weaver, symbolic seamstress, musically mused Gabriella Molina lives and works out of the high desert of Southern Colorado. Stop motion collage animation is her main gig, but she runs wild and free in many forms including- album art, light experiments, live visuals, murals, installations, posters and music videos.  


At the top of the menu of operations and fabrications is the meticulous stop motion animation. Molina utilizes primarily analog techniques of paper puppetry, the multi-plane camera (praise Lotte Reiniger,) collage cut outs, and hand drawn and painted animation. She prefers the full mouthful of a Harry Smith style animation, where you can taste the sweat and slow motion dance of millimeter by millimeter movement. Satiated landscapes, mythical creatures, and stories of personal transformation percolate through the films.  Her work has been described as “collage-adelic” and “masterful” by L.A. Weekly.


Gabriella has shown work and performed live visual shows at Exploded View Gallery, Chick Magnet Festival, Subspace Art Collective, Night of the Living Fest, Psychout Festival, Dusk Music Festival, and more.

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